Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 1

Western Viking was moving outside the breakwater. At 7:30 a.m., the Western Viking was moving outside the breakwater. It took almost two hours to get in; a total of 500 yards. They could not get the boat to the dock because of ice. They unloaded anyway and took compressor and acetlyne lines to the site where we ran them down from the staging site, a distance of approximately 1,000’.

Dan had part of his crew removing the woodwork and insulation in the house. The vessel is listing at approximately 30o making work difficult. In addition to the list, there is a large amount of ice on the low side.

As the wood was removed, and disposed of. Dan’s crew also began removing the wood covering the deck. A single worker was assigned to begin cutting the boat. They removed the port bulwark and began to cut the bow in preparation for removal.

Late in the afternoon as it became evident that the vessel contained an enormous amount of debris strewn throughout the vessel. It appeared that most personal belongings were left and no attempt was made to remove any of the ships stores. The Tribal ECO contact was notified that his crew was needed at the site.

Oil was found in the Anchor winch. Dan drained approximately eight gallons from the reservoir. National Geographic filmed the event as there is very little exciting action occurring.

During the day, Peter and Juan Guerro monitored sea mammal activity in the area. There are sea lions on Sea Lion rock. No fur seals were observed.

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