Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 2

Dan’s crew continued to remove all of the walls and woodwork in the house and some more of the false deck.The wood was again disposed of.

In mid morning, the ECO crew came to the site. Dustin Jones and Paul. We went into the house and began bagging insulation and other non-burnable debris and removing bags from the vessel. We also removed the smaller pieces of wood and disposed of them.

At some point, Dan had the cutter open access to the forward compartment just aft of the bow. It is a living/storage quarter of some type containing large amounts of all types of debris. The hull was lined apparently insulated with wood. There was again a large amount of wood that was disposed of. The ECO crew, Peter and myself began mucking out the quarter. We have found welding bottles in the area and will remove them the following day.

Dan’s lone cutter continued to work on the bow. The bow was eventually cut into two pieces and felled. The remainder of the port bulwark was removed. The cutter than began working on the port lazarette.

The fish hold and engine room are heavily iced. The vessel is frozen to the ground and there is a tremendously large amount of weight from the ice.

Dan began to string the cable for the overhead line. The crew carried a 1” cable from the staging to the vessel. Later, the four of us helped lay out a ¾” wire rope that went from the staging area to the vessel, through a large block high on the mast, and back to the staging site.

Dan’s crew went back to unload more equipment from the SV Western Viking.

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