Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 14

The ice remains thick along the reef and out for several hundred yards.

Removal of the many pieces and supersacks of debris continues via the highline through mid-afternoon. After removing all of the pieces that could go via the highline, a come-along is attached to the mast of the sole remaining piece. Many had viewed the piece to be ready to topple at any time, however, it took a great deal of reefing on the come-along to pull it down.

The SV Redeemer came around to get the last pieces. Getting the hawser to shore proved a difficult feat. As the hawser came off the ship many large pieces of ice immediately bumped up against it. Pulling the line in from shore was very difficult with the crew of eight. Eventually the come-along had to be attached and the hawser was finally joined to the one of the two pieces. Getting it back aboard the ship was much easier than getting the line ashore.

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