Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 10

Removal of the pieces with the highline continued all day. Many pieces have now been removed. All of the vessel is now cut. Only small connections remain so that the pieces can have the highline connected to it so that they do not fall in the wrong direction.

The last of fuel tanks (starboard mid-section) was cut into and was dry.

Around 3 pm, Magone donned a wetsuit and snorkel and swam from the site to the location where the barge can be anchored. The purpose was to examine the bottom for the possibility of moving the pieces to the barge. Dan reported that the route was clear.

I think that more than 30% of the vessel is currently on the barge.

The afternoon was cold with chill factors to 15° F. Tomorrow is to be colder with chill factors to 6° F.

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