Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 4

By 8:30am, approximately 2” of new snow had fallen. Magone’s crew was cutting the front ballast section off. Another part of the crew was still in the fish hold chipping off the foam. Dan used a torch to open a hatch just aft of the main cabin near the port railing. It was a storage section packed tightly with crab line, bait bags, bait containers, tarps, hoses, baskets, a countertop and junk. Peter the ECO crew and myself spent three hours hauling it out. We carried some supersacks from Magone to the site.

Around 11:30 a.m., the crane and loader showed up at the site.

Dan informed us that he would be doing some blasting on Wednesday.

We worked in the fish hold in the afternoon to remove the pieces of foam that were chipped. Just enough is chipped for a torch to cut through the metal without lighting the foam. A total of four supersacks were filled and hauled out of the hold. An additional full sack and a partial sack were left.

The highline was set up and partially tested but nothing was moved. Dan’s crew moved to the lazarette and began the same chipping process. One member continued to cut off the stern.

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